After 30 years as a lawyer I decided to give it all up and dedicate myself to being a composer (and they talk about the folly of youth!!).

I’ve spent the last three years studying and starting to compose seriously (well, that’s a matter of opinion I guess!).  It does feels like an eternity but some work has been produced and you’ll find sound clips and score extracts by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy listening to the extracts – let me know what you think.  It’s funny but I’ve always found criticism really positive – a great learning curve … but maybe that’s about to change!

Gave my first public performance by playing a short extract from one of my piano pieces on an upright piano in the open air in Queen Square, Holborn (during the Bloomsbury Festival a few years back).  No-one laughed and no-one hurled abuse so I thought I must be onto a good thing! (when you get to my age there’s plenty of scope for self-deception!).  I then had my first orchestral piece – Prelude – performed and commented upon at a workshop run by an amateur orchestra in London.  Not all the members of the orchestra turned up (maybe they heard they had to play my piece) but gosh the piece was actually playable!!  And then – the coup de grace:  a first public performance of one of my songs at a lunchtime concert organized by that august and distinguished body, the London Composers’ Forum.  So, the only way is up .. isn’t that right doc?

I’ve prepared a little bio about myself as I am sure you’re absolutely dying to find out more about me.  You can read it by clicking here.  I’ve also prepared a blog – yes no effort has been spared in the making of this site!

Hope you have fun on the site and your visit is worthwhile – feedback always gratefully received.