Picture of Andrew Glynne

I was born in London 1955 – yes that means I am very old.  I started playing the piano at the age of five (what a precocious kid – no, my parents made me do it!).   But I quite enjoyed it – my favourite piece in the early days was Russ Conway’s ‘Side Saddle’ – it’s stood the test of time I think (catch it on YouTube).  I then wrote a musical in my teens which I thought wasn’t at all bad but Daddio said that I should get a proper qualification first (as a lawyer) and then I could concentrate on my music. To my regret I was turned to the Dark Side (yes, it’s true , Obi Wan) and I went along with this advice.  When I was 50 (after a wedding, two kids and a succession of big mortgages) I asked Big Daddy if it was time now to concentrate on the music – he looked at me as though I was nuts (maybe he knew something??).  At the end of 2012 ago I took the plunge, sold my law practice (imbecile!) and embarked upon this outlandish quest (Don Quixote’s got nothing on me) and the rest is..  er  .. will be history.