Head and shoulders portrait of Andrew Glynne

Andrew Glynne, Composer

Raag Jog performed by Rupak Kulkarni with Ojas Adhiya

Rupak Kulkarni seated on a concert stage playing the bansuri flute.

Rupak Kulkarni plays the bansuri which is an instrument similar to a western flute but it differs from it in a number of ways:  it is made of hollowed bamboo rather than metal and has no keys but instead holes (usually six) are drilled along the instrument and covered, or partially covered as appropriate, to […]

‘Possible’ by Zoë Keating

Portrait photograph of cellist Zoe Keating indark sweater and striped scarf.

Zoë Keating is an interesting and original composer and performer. She plays the cello but her playing is supplemented and complemented by pre-recorded cello parts that she has composed and performed. The blending of these different parts is done so skilfully that often, when simply listening to a live recording of her music, it is […]

Aux Confins de l’orage by Camille Pépin

Dramatically lit portrait of Camille Pépin by photographer Capucine de Chocqueuse

Camille Pépin is a 31 year old French Composer. She has composed many orchestral pieces, concertos and chamber works as well as numerous pieces for smaller combinations of instruments.

The piece about which I write here (the English translation is ‘At the Edge of the Storm’) is an orchestral work written in 2020.

Dance Works for Two Pianos by Steve Martland

Black and white portrait of Steve Martland in a shirt and tie

The late Steve Martland wrote the first version of Dance Works in 1993 as part of a collaboration with the London Contemporary Dance Theatre. The piece was scored for an amplified ensemble; Martland later wrote a version for two pianos, featuring the interplay of the two instruments acting as two equal forces.

‘Marejada’ by Angélica Négron

Head and shoulders portrait of Angélica Negrón wearing purple science fiction top, turquoise background

Angélica Négron is a composer and instrumentalist from Puerto Rico who has become established in the US although her music is little known in the UK – certainly I have never heard it played on UK radio.  That ought to be remedied as I think she is a highly original and talented composer.